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We have endeavoured to design this website to ensure maximum accessibility by people of all abilities and disabilities:

The site is written with semantically meaningful code, with textual equivalents provided for images and with links named meaningfully. This helps blind users using text-to-speech software and/or text-to-Braille hardware.

The text is large and contrast colours have been used making it easier for users with poor sight to read and understand the content. The site is enlargeable.

The links are underlined or otherwise differentiated as well as coloured, this ensuring that colour blind users will be able to notice them. When clickable links and areas are large, this helps users who cannot control a mouse with precision.

Flashing effects are avoided so that users prone to seizures caused by these effects are not put at risk.

The content is written in plain language and illustrated with instructional diagrams and animations, users with dyslexia and learning difficulties are better able to understand the content.

This site is constantly updated and if you feel we can make further improvements let us know.